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Water amusement facilities are the supporting amusement equipment used in the water park. In addition to some fixed facilities, there are also some movable water amusement equipment. There are large-scale water playground equipment as well as small-scale skit amusement facilities. Next, let's take a look at the water amusement facilities.
Large horn slide
Starting from the starting point of the platform, it flies into the huge trumpet shaped slideway, like being sucked in by a tornado, giving people a sense of weightlessness. The physical examination during the rapid sliding is like the beauty of sliding in the wind. It is especially suitable for tourists who like to experience excitement and novelty to rise when they arrive at the interior of the horn.
Soaring revolving slide
Starting from a high altitude, after passing through a spiral chute of several tens of meters at high speed, it rapidly descends nearly ten meters and plunges to the low point. Before the shock, it vertically rushes up to the top of a large landslide, challenging the limit of gravity. It plunges down again and returns to the pool safely. It is soul stirring and experiences the joy of the whole family brought by the joy of soaring and circling. It is one of the popular facilities of the water park.
Rainbow race slide
It is a very classic water park play slide, with multiple parallel designs, generally 3-10 lanes. You can use your body or floating mat to slide and start the race at the same time. The participation and interaction of the equipment is very strong, so that tourists can participate in the competition for many times and get a unique experience of joy and pleasure.
Monster bowl slide
Also known as vortex slide, tourists take a raft and slide down from the platform mouth with a height of more than ten meters. After passing through a completely closed tubular slide with a length of several tens of meters, they will rush into a huge bowl with a diameter of 15 meters at high speed. Driven by centrifugal force, tourists seem to rotate in space, making people dizzy and fascinated. After being sucked into the hole in the middle of the bowl, tourists will enjoy an unforgettable sliding experience. Screams will accompany the sliding all the time.
Spiral slide
It is one of the early developed and commonly used slides. The water park is a popular classic amusement facility. Almost every water park has a combination of spiral slides.
Barrel sled slide
It is a classic two-way combined slide with low cost, small floor area and unique experience. You can slide directly with your body. The barrel slide is an open slide. After entering, you can't see the black hole outside, and you can instantly dive into the water pool. It is especially suitable for young people who like to explore and challenge speed; The sledge slide is an open slide with a tendency to be thrown up at the end. When you play, you will be thrown 3-5 meters forward and then fall into the pool. It is a wonderful and unique experience, especially suitable for young people challenging and exciting.
Slide over the coastline
The principle of crossing the coastline is almost the same as that of the loudspeaker, but crossing the coastline is a straight-line descent and straight-line rise, and it will only rise once. There will be a sense of weightlessness when descending, but the top of the slide is open and will let us fly out.
Space disk slide
From a space of 12 meters, tourists pass through a time tunnel of more than 10 meters at a high speed, and suddenly rush into a bowl with a diameter of several meters. However, they find that the sky is spinning and the earth is spinning. Under repeated efforts and impacts, they finally fall into a deep pool, bringing unforgettable thrills to tourists. The characteristics are suitable for adventure.
Play in the water
Various lovely cartoon shapes are used to produce water spraying effect. There are also interactive amusement facilities that can be used as auxiliary equipment of the children's pool of the water park. At the same time, they are also landscape ornaments to add a lively and interesting atmosphere. The water play is also an indispensable Xerox equipment in the water park.
Water house
The water house, also known as the water village and the tree house, is an interactive product that meets the needs of tourists' water exploration and amusement experience through careful combination. It is a comprehensive water amusement facility integrating various water toys, water flip flops, water slides and theme landscapes.
Of course, while enjoying these facilities, we should pay attention to safety. After all, life is only one time. Before playing, both the operators and the players should check whether these facilities are secure and secure. For more related matters, please visit our website https://www.hcseaworld.com Consultation.


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